Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My empty wall space needs help...

A grouping of old portraits plus modern elements
would equal a cool balance between old & new

Possibly a bold print, or a couple

I might do a large graphic painting of a person

I might use cork squares to create a large framed area &
then pin simple drawings to it that could be alternated with time
Something is so enticing about white on white

Just an amazing picture
Maybe a big block of color would be nice

A repeating pattern

Neutral grouping, a bit too traditional

Love the idea of old letter press letters scattered up a wall
(can also be done with keys like the ladies @ Hable Construction did)

Great group of fonts, for my wall they would need to be larger scale

LOVE the chalkboard wall more than anything
One of these days I'm going to do a whole wall like this!

Had to add something for my friends with babies, it was too cute

One large word might be nice, maybe WONDER...

Another chalkboard example, it makes me giddy for some reason

Just threw this in here as a future idea
for an art project with used books

Another nice idea, adding straight shelves to the wall
Then I could change the pics without damaging the wall

Another with pictures on a ledge
(Also, love the color of the bed with the black & white)

One of my favorites, the contrast is brilliant

Maybe a picture blown up to cover the wall

This is an idea for the mantle or cards next Christmas

Love the ordinary pictures turned gallery worthy
with no matting in the frames & all together
create one large piece of art, nice

Good grouping but too busy for up a staircase

Another example of ordinary pics made into a
beautiful wall installation

Maybe I could repeat odd objects across the wall

LOVE IT, from one of the best design sites,

One of my favorite interior pics ever, simple & so beautiful
(It's in the Domino book, so I can look at it forever)

David Netto, one of the best designers
This is a perfect example of what I might do
(Maybe I'll put all the pics in white frames with white matting)

Another example of David's work

Pictures on ledges, nice clean lines

Color anyone?
Not my style but the color combo is very happy and brave

Old portraits would be nice
but that would require lots of antique shopping

Small bursts of color among neutrals might be nice

Wow overwhelming, but in this case I
guess you would never have to keep a photo album
Beautiful layout & I love the pattern on the stairs

Bold grouping in color

I'll post pics after I decide what to do with my big empty wall,
I'm sure it will be a constantly evolving work in progress thanks to my indecisiveness.

But I think if I stick to this quote I should be ok,
The secret to displaying artwork? "Big mats and snappy but simple modern frames." —David Netto

Check out Design Formula for making a collage on your wall,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fifty People, Once Question...

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow morning if you had the choice?
Check out this video by Crush & Lovely (I think there are 3),
it is beautiful because they capture real life at it's finest & most honest,
hopefully it will make you smile.


Why we do what we do...

This statement found on one of my favorite blogs (http://heyjenrenee.blogspot.com/) explains exactly how I feel too. Let me know if you agree...
Sabrina Ward Harrison said it far better than I ever could:
'I believe we must create what we most need to find. I don't aim for pretty, I aim for release. We have to make room for our life in progress. As women, we must be heard along the way. We must share how it really feels, what we know but can't place. We must take a deeper breath and let go. Trust yourself. Leave ripples.'

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few more handmade goodies for the little ones...

Crayons made from discarded twigs

Recycled cashmere chime ball, http://kistnersupply.com/ball/brightchime.php

Basic but modern wooden toys, http://www.woodenhorsetoys.com

Dolls made from vintage fabric, http://shoptwig.com

Solar powered wooden helicopter, http://www.plasticashop.com

Balloon powered sail boat, http://store.roseandradish.com

Cute robot, http://www.tintoyarcade.com

Slinky Dog (greatest website for older toys), http://www.backtobasicstoys.com

Created from a drawing done by a child, http://42ndandorange.bigcartel.com

Dough & Tools Set, http://www.chittypulga.com

Good old child friendly tv, www.backtobasicstoys.com

When you push Mr. Frog his little feet move,

Hand painted blocks & puzzle,

Russian bell toy, http://threepotatofourshop.com

Wool doll, http://www.enfantterribleshop.com

Crocheted cuckoo clock, http://bijzondermooi.nl/shop/product.php?productid=204