Thursday, February 28, 2013

New happenings...

...with sweet m & around the house. Had to get a pic of you riding in the shopping cart for the first time : ) you had a blast & kept dancing back & forth in your seat funny girl. We have also moved some things around in the house & made some updates. Love reusing things & moving them to different spots, makes them feel brand new. We did get a new tv & sectional, dad's choice on both, but we are enjoying them. Need some baskets for your toy shelf, a tray for ottoman & rug for kitchen still. Trying to slow down on rescue in order to get things made for my online shop, more to come...xo

Monday, February 18, 2013

7 months old... You are such a special little girl & we love you very much! I hear a lot of my friends with kids say, 'I wish they were younger or older' or 'this is such a tough age can't wait until this is over' & it just makes me sad for them, because I love you just the way you are & in this very moment, would never change a thing. You have been doing so much this month & are moving around like a little wiggle worm, it's awesome. You roll over all the time, are working on crawling & pulling up on things, so strong. You also take turns with me 'singing' it's so cute. I sing, then say your turn maebri & you do a little lawawa : ) things are so funny to you & we laugh a lot together. You like to play in the grass, pet the puppies, touch new textures, feed yourself with the spoon, stay calm, quiet & observe in new situations, play with your toys, especially the musical ones, give us kisses & so much more. I add blankets & your toys to the laundry basket & pull you around, you really like it. We go for hikes & I mostly carry you in your carrier & occasionally your stroller. I truly believe in 'wearing your baby' it is so important because you get to be next to me, it relaxes you & you have the freedom to move around, instead of just plopping you in the stroller all the time. You went with me to our heeler meet up, it was a beautiful day & you loved seeing all the spotty puppies. You haven't gotten any teeth yet, but are already mimicking me & brushing your gums with your tiny toothbrush while I brush mine, it's good practice. you still love your food & i love making it for you. We are going to grow our own in the garden again this year, cant wait. you nap & sleep like a champ & we love you for that, just like me you need your sleep. You fill us with joy : )

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Your first...

...valentine's day. I'm not typically big on the cheesy stuff, but for some reason I love making child like things on valentine's day. Something from the heart. So this year it is especially exciting, because now that I have you it makes it that much more fun : ) today we worked on making a valentine's day card for dad & your grandparents (papa brought us back a beautiful blanket from Guatemala that I asked for : )), you were a big help & were patient enough to let me trace your little hand. You also scribbled, with my help, your first piece of artwork. This is just the first of many art projects to come. I believe in allowing children to express their individuality freely, originality & creativity is beautiful so always embrace that. Love.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


...the month of love & I love nothing more than my beautiful & healthy baby girl, my handsome, sweet man & loyal pups. So thankful for all that they are in my life. Part of true happiness is being grateful & I am truly grateful. For this month sweet pea you are grabbing at everything with both hands, sitting up like a champ, eating in your highchair, singing & saying Mamama, dada, baba : ) you love playing with your toys, puppies & making noises, moving your walker around the house, giving lots of kisses, mimicking us & much more. Auntie spanky's wedding is coming up & we found your dress, should be a fun day. you have gone with me on a couple dog adoptions & love watching the puppies, you are already doing for the greater good without even knowing it : ) i am in the process of making you a valentines tshirt, will look really cute on you. We love you so so much & fill our hearts with love : ) xoxo