Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our house is always evolving...


Office, my paintings

Office, shelf

Antique Italian chair

Guest bathroom, just got a new mirror that's waiting to be hung in here

Dining room

Dining room, my painting

Dining room, vintage Italian box & Indian stool

New glass coffee table from my favorite consignment store
& Aram candleholders

Living room

Mantle, my painting & African beaded horse


Carved Indian chest with collection of glass bowls

Our bedroom


Antique Asian bowl & Toikka glass bird


My painting & map of Paris


Antique oil painting

My vintage owls

Old laundry cart that holds our blanket

My artwork with wood from our neighborhood

Laundry room with my painting

Upstairs living room, my painting

Upstairs living room

Guest bedroom, my painting

Kitties room, Miu Miu & Louie

Upstairs living room, just need a tv

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom

Guest bathroom

I love our home.

I love my puppies...

New exciting "Stories" I've been working on...

So, I picked up some kid's books at the antique store last week with the idea that I would be making a baby gift for my soon to be nephew.  I found some great old books and below is what i have started working on.  I will be adding a couple quirky touches to them before they are ready to be displayed.  They are meant to be a cute little work of art that can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall.  I will update with finished pictures next week.  I'm excited about this new project and the fact that these old, once loved books can hopefully be cherished again.

This children's book titled The Provensen Book of Fairy Tales was published in 1971.
 I chose it because of the vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations.
I will be making a few additions to this one to give it a more personal touch.

Titled "The House Without a Home" (1970), I felt like I needed to give it a home.
I added some bright scrap fabrics to it's pages with the message
"make your house a home".  I also attached some buttons to the top of the page
so if wanted the pages can still be flipped through and the story read.

Beginning of the baby gift that will soon be hung on Cruz's wall.
The book called "B-9" (1972) was interesting but I really chose it because of the color.
The addition of some vintage blocks as well as a couple cute items will complete his "Story".

Check back for more updates, hopefully soon.

My Valentine's...

"story in a box".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things I have learned in my life so far...

What have you learned in your life so far? What is it that you are fairly sure about? What is it that you believe in by now?

Check out this site called:
and see how people have turned life's little thoughts
into big visual statements (maybe even try it yourself :))...
Being able to love is more important than being loved-joko

I thought life was a line
I now know it's a grid-Valery Goulet

Life is about choices-Felix Zp

Life is love-kangsoyoun

I want you to understand me-JL

You are beautiful
Dreams may become reality
if you believe in yourself-Dana Kanso

Live curious-Jason Bishop

Do what you want