Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a few... from your first trip to Springfield. Your grandma & grandpa came to tx around thanksgiving for an early Christmas & then we were in mo after Christmas. Was fun to see everyone : ) grandpa & carter made you laugh & he took some good pics, especially love the one of my teddy that I've had since I was born & now passed on to you : )

Sunday, January 20, 2013


...was wonderful & you are 6 months old! Happy half birthday! Went shopping with Mimi & Grammy prindy & we found a highchair for you. Wasn't my first choice, but is very convenient as the tray swings open, cushion is machine washable & it folds flat when not in use. You came with me on two dog adoptions in uptown, it was beautiful chilled in you carrier & laughed at the puppies, you love puppies & they love you! then we went to my favorite toy store, froggies, where you picked out a toy : ) we met Mimi for lunch at snider plaza & went home & played. You had such a busy day you slept for 14 hours! Today we took a long hike with the puppies, you adore being outdoors & walking around in nature, makes me so happy because I love it too : ) we had music time today, you really like music & making noises. & ended the day making you homeade applesauce & sweet potatoes. Love my sweet girl : )

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All that food... so yummy to you! Everything you have tried so far you have loved : ) we waited until you were 5 1/2 months to start, no need to rush into it, wanted to wait until you were showing signs of wanting to eat. I decided to forego the rice cereal that everyone else seems to give their babies & jump straight into fruits & veggies. I couldn't understand why people give rice first when it really doesn't have any nutritional value, besides being fortified with iron. I don't even feed my dogs filler, why would I feed you filler? You are a healthy girl & sleep 12-13 hrs a night. I decided, being a health nut vegetarian myself, that I would much rather you start off eating something full of vitamins & nutrients. So, I decided on avocado, the 'perfect food', as your first. Easy to prepare, good for you & a food I couldn't get enough of when I was pregnant with you so I figured you would like it & did! It was a hit & so were the sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash & green beans. I am buying only fresh organic foods for you & making them all myself. not sure why more people dont, its so simple & i love knowing that you are getting the freshest possible meals. all it takes is baking, boiling or steaming, puree, freeze the leftover & voila you have your meals for the next week : ) My healthy, happy little girl, you are such a blessing & bring us so much joy!

First family trip... ruidoso, New Mexico was amazing! I've always loved little mountain towns & prefer the snow to the beach, I think your dad feels the same : ) so we packed you, luigi & Angelo into the car & drove over 9 hours to be in the mountains : ) you were such a good little car rider, barely any fussing, took your naps & just wanted to play...couldn't ask for anything more! we stayed in an adorable little cabin on the side of the mountain right next to the national forest. We went hiking in the snow, had lunch in the adorable little downtown, dad went skiing (we will join him in a couple years : ) ) & relaxed by the fire. You watched the puppies run around & played with the snow. Would love to live in a small mountain town like ruidoso someday, but in the meantime look forward to our next visit!