Sunday, May 31, 2009


it's such a nice colorful surprise.

Friday, May 29, 2009

28 Things to do before I turn 29...

Thank you Hula Seventy,
you very much inspired me today with your list.
I have decided to start my own list and see how much
I'm able to accomplish by my birthday in October.
I better get a move on it...I'll be back with my list,
it's going to take some serious & not so serious thought.
I do know what I want my first number to be...
  1. Take a pottery class & make something that I'm proud of. be continued.

"Fabric Paintings" ...

Unlimited Potential of the Mind

I Really Love My Cat

Express Gratitude Everyday

Fictional Characters from Popular Culture
We would not have if it were not for Little People

Black Clothes White Cat

True Stories of Very Brave Dogs


Table Manners

If I had a Monkey

Feeling Sorry for Pluto

Chris's Famous Chicken Salad

Things you can do to Help Around the House

that make me smile. Thanks to my friend Karen,
I have just discovered the works of artist Chris Roberts-Antieau.
Chris says her art is "about the joy and wonder and humor
that's all around us, everyday. She applies a child's eye to adult realities
reminding viewers not to take themselves too seriously."

I know a few people who need to apply this principle to reality,
it would make life a lot more enjoyable.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


paper cutouts (little dancing man party, haha)

notebook art series

lovely origami lights

hurricane cover

phone book dress

magazine coasters

cute card
paper coasters

notecard & envelope

cereal box journal

rolled paper wreath



painted beads, pulped junk mail (amazing recycling idea)


calendar container

make your own packages

3d wall pockets

dessert containers

2 sided framed pictures
do stuff!,

handpainted gift wrap
(love it, I am doing a version of this for Christmas)

toilet paper roll installation (beautiful, this would be so fun as art in a bathroom)

intricate paper work

wood & paper story

& all it's possibilities.
to get some great ideas.


strips of fabric cut & ready to make more necklaces

a few more necklaces

my butterfly plants are blooming, yay

a squash, or zucchini plant(not sure which one yet),
has sprouted from the area where the compost pile used to be,
so exciting & the basil re-seeded itself in the same spot, haha

centerpieces at the divisional party my friend & I decorated for work
it was carnival themed so cotton candy, confetti & balloons did the trick

signs we painted

cool photo op with the left over balloons