Friday, June 26, 2009

Story in a Box...

The final product

I think he'll like it

& there were six,
all the guys

5 kids who love their dad

he loves his bike

a match for all the cigars they smoke


fun times (had to throw in a whoopi cushion)


he inspires

the "frat house" where all the guys hang out

grill it, they cook a lot on the grill

a jar full of ideas, just like he is

resembles their bulletin board
& the projects they've been working on

he's from Tennessee so this piggy bank,
which symbolizes all the $ they're going to make,
was a perfect find from the Goodwill

"Sweet Victory" when all of their hard work
pays off, the medal symbolizes their success
they always cook pasta & tomato sauce,
so the seeds can be used to grow more tomatoes
so they can have endless tomato sauce


for Steven's business partner & friend, Denton.
It's his birthday today, so I made this for him,
from all the guys. Each item signifies something
about him or something that is important in his life.
It is his "Story in a Box".

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Paisley said...

Very nice Jennifer! This is such a thoughtful gift.