Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My statement...

about this point in my life, what is &
will always be important to me.
I knew when I was younger that my life
would always be filled with animals,
it wouldn't be complete without them.
I now have 6 animals.
My animals are my furry children.
They are a huge part of my life &
I spend most of my time with them.
I love them with everything I have &
would do anything for them.
They are all adopted & I would have it no other way,
as I believe in being selfless,
saving lives & sharing my life to make others better.
They each have very special, but different personalities
as well as individual quirks.
They are funny. They are affectionate.
They are active. They are noisy.
They are sweet. They are creatures of habit.
They are a challenge. They are eager to please.
They cheer me up when I am down.
They add so much to my life &
I am thankful everyday they are in it.
I am a better person because of each
& every one of them.
They aren't able to speak, but they can communicate.
They have taught me so much.
I will always do everything in my power
to make their lives as good as they can be.
I take the dogs with me wherever I can
& as often as I can.
We go for walks a couple times a day,
we go to dog parks & people parks.
We go to the pet stores, pet fundraisers &
pet-friendly neighborhoods for art walks & eating.
They swim in lakes & in rivers.
They run free in the fields near our house,
doing what they love to do-run, smell, chase things.
They have been to agility training
because it's something they enjoy.
They run through tunnels, jump through hoops,
retreive balls, frisbees, & sticks, know various commands
& are always ready for more.
They only eat organic food & treats
& deserve nothing less.
The kitties get home grown wheatgrass & catnip,
have litter made out of corn
so they won't be exposed to unneccesary chemicals
& have their own private room.
One of my kitties has asthma
& the other has diabetes.
They have to be given an inhaler
& insulin shots everyday,
it's a lot of work but I do my best to make sure
they continue to live happy, comfortable lives.
They enjoy sunning themselves in the windows,
playing with their toys,
being groomed & getting attention from me & the dogs.
Their lives are in my hands, they are my responsibility,
I dedicate my life to them & they are just like children.
So I will say it again...
I have 6 amazing animals that are so important to me
& I love very much.
I do not have children now, but I will someday.
When that day comes these animals will be
just as important to me as they are today
because of the joy they have brought to my life
& the memories we have shared.
They may not seem like children to others,
but they are my furry 4-legged children.
To anyone who disregards
the importance of them in my life
does not understand the the meaning of me
or my life as of now.

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Paisley said...

well said! When I was having trouble with my dog I thought I was a horrible mother and should never have children. But you figure it out and work through your problems and you are better for it and so are they. Anyone who doesn't understand your pets doesn't understand you!