Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is a funny post from me...

but it had to be done.
I am not a cook, it's just not something I enjoy.
I do it out of necessity & most of the time
I make things that don't involve a lot of
ingredients, a lot of time or any cooking at all.
I usually eat fresh dishes with organic
vegetables & fruit, cheese & the addition of
some sort of bread, tortilla, wrap, etc.
But...last night was different.
I had picked an eggplant from the garden &
was determined to make something great from it.
The result was a complete sucess
& I was so proud of myself
I had to take a picture of it
(of course after I tasted a couple bites)!
It was my version of eggplant parmesan
because I didn'thave a lot of the required ingredients
I just went with the flow.
Below is the list of what I used
for my own future reference:
Sauce-1 1/2 cans of tomatoes, capers, garlic, olives,
basil from the garden, olive oil, salt & pepper
Eggplant-sliced, then a wash of flour, eggs, s&p,
covered in homemade bread crumbs, oregano
& put in the frying pan
Cheese mixture-havarti, feta, buffalo mozzarella,
parmesan, eggs, s&p,yellow onions, more basil & garlic
Then to the baking pan I added a layer of sauce,
lasagna noodles to cover, then the eggplant,
cheese mixture & repeated,
added a parmesan topping & baked for 45 min. @ 350.
It was so good I'm eating it for lunch too. Yum!
Has anyone else cooked a great vegetarian meal lately?

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Ashley Franks said...

Yummy!! I love eggplant parmesan!! We've been making vegetarian pizza. You should try it. You can get the pre-made dough at sprouts or whole foods and then put any fresh veggies on it with different types of cheeses. We did one the other day with arugula, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, basil (from garden) and pine nuts. So yummy!!