Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House pics...

picture hallway

living & dining room

might paint the fireplace wall
a darker color, want to get
bookshelves for either side of fireplace
& need new curtains in living room
little built-in
(might paint the back a color)

(need to change the curtains)

family room
(still need to hang the artwork
& get a coffee table)

guest bedroom

guest bathroom

master bedroom
(still need to paint the walls,
probably a grey)

need to refinish the dresser

extra storage

need to finish taking down the wallpaper
then i'll paint this a dark shade of grey
This house is definitely a work in progress,
but i'm having so much fun with it.


Paisley said...

So cute! Everything is turning out so nice, I'm so proud of everything you've done!

Corey and Lindsey Long said...

The house looks great! You have been a busy girl. Hope we can have league there again soon so I can see it in person!