Thursday, March 8, 2012

The adorable toy cart... complete :). i love this little toy basket so much & it turned out just the way i imagined it would. it was one of the first items my mom & i got when i found out i was pregnant. i've always wanted a toy basket on wheels so my child could pull her stuff around wherever she wanted. we found the wire crate at a local antique store, cleaned it up, had my step dad add wheels & then i attached the strips of fabric piece by piece to soften it up. then added all of little ms. m's stuffed animals (including my teddy that i've had since i was born) & voila...a cute as can be unique mobile toy cart that i know will be used for years to come. it means a lot to have this time to make special handmade gifts for my little girl to be, just like i know my mom did for me :)

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