Friday, June 22, 2012

Little... maebri, i got some cute little stackable bean bag bugs for you to play with when you get here, your toy basket is just about full. your furry brothers are very curious about everything, but they listen well so i've told them that they have their own toy basket & you have yours in your room, unless you would like to share with them :) your dad & i like to have fun, it's so important to enjoy life & laugh whenever excited to see your smile & hear you giggle. we celebrated your dad's birthday this week, it was a great time. your birthday is coming soon, can't wait to celebrate you in a few weeks! we got a sonogram today to make sure everything was ok with you & the dr. said you looked great, music to our ears. you weigh about 6 lbs. right now, are very healthy & active & they said you have a lot of hair. see you soon :)

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