Friday, April 19, 2013

My little sweetheart... 9 months old! & you get more precious with each day. We went to the dr. Yesterday for your checkup & you did great, you are 90th % for everything, so you will be tall like us & most importantly we are so thankful for how healthy you are : ) you are doing so many new things I don't even know where to are cruising around the sofa & ottoman, rolling, scooting & hopping on your hands & knees it's so cute. You are babbling a lot & love talking to us, the puppies & your toys. You clap your hands & feet together, as well as your toys. You love your drum set & anything that you can fit in your mouth. You love your food, do very well with the spoon & enjoy picking it up & squishing your food around. You smile & laugh so much, you are a happy girl. When we hide your toys under a blanket you know where to find them. You love the outdoors, playing in the grass & watching everything. We took your pics in the bluebonnets & you did so well. You have so much fun playing with dad, he really loves you. You do such a good job when we go out to eat, you want to be a part of everything. we went out to eat for grampy's 94th bday & uncle jim was in town from boston, it was a treat. Life is complete with you. Xo

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