Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New happenings...

...from last weekend & this week. You are waving & saying hi & bye bye to a few chosen people. When the dogs walk by you say pup pup. You are crawling & pulling up & have a lot to say about it. You gave your dad a big hug & kiss the other day, sweetest thing I have ever seen. We went to listen to live music this weekend & you did so well, ate your dinner & played, watching the other kids. You are feeding yourself like a champ & are such a happy little girl. We did 2 adoptions this week & you were there with me to laugh at the puppies. We made your first fort out of a box, we laid in it together & you smiled & then loved grabbing your toys through the window. We made a trip to the park with dad & the pups, you love swinging. We got your hand knit bday crown & dress...tried it on & you looked oh so adorable! This weekend we have a couple art projects in store & have to get packed for your first plane ride to go to auntie spanky's wedding, yay! Xo

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