Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your 1st birthday party...

...was so much fun! Maebri's Onederland. You did so great, woke up really happy from your nap & went until 8:30 that night. I think you liked all of the kids & excitement. You dug into your cake like a champ, slowly but surely you squished your hand into the icing & then cake. It was carrot cake that your mimi made for you, wanted it to be a little healthy & you seemed to really like it. You had it all over, on your face, in your hair & clothes. We had lunch & then opened gifts after you got a bath. We had a photo booth where people could get dressed up & then get their pic taken & it was a hit. We gave away Alice in Wonderland books as gifts, played the movie during the party, had coloring books & the overall theme really came together. It rained, so no pool party or croquet, but it didn't matter we still had a good time. We are so thankful that our friends & family came out to celebrate you & how special you are to each & every one of us. xo

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