Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To add to the stormy weather today...

here are a few pieces that turn those clouds into works of art (all @
Because, "life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."

lanydevening, The Hearthfire Glow

JaredKS, Konza Trail

VIZArt, Passing Storm

Paintbox, Storm Overhead

RainDropSmile, Spring Rainfall @ Sunset
SethandSherrie, Stormy Skies

poordogfarm, Storm Print

Sinta, Ladybirds in the Rain

dahliahousestudios, Waiting

JaredKS, Stormy Grass

ara133photography, Uriel

barbraziemerphoto, Angry

GollyBard, Rain Cloud No. 1

studio236, Bird in the Storm

LaBerge, 10. Watercolor

JaredKS, Stormy Homestead

Ambera, Falling Storm

chandlerpritchett, April Showers

Ambera, Ragged Road

AstralArts, Interrupted Thought

AaronOverstreetArt, Atmospheric Abstract

dahliahousestudios, The Red Barn

ojoyousone, The Storm

emmaklingbeil, My Silver Lining

GollyBard, Stormy Weather

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