Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More of my things...

this +
this =
this &

A coworker of mine is leaving our team,
so I did a "Story in a Box" from our group &
this cute glass was my contribution. I like it so much
I think I might make one for myself. Let me know if
anyone out there would like some wine glasses like the above
& I can make them for you.

More strawberries from my garden.
I'm going to make a smoothie with them tonight.

Another necklace I did for my friend.
I have more in different colors, will post pics soon.

Another chalkboard paint project...

Now I have a place to store some of my smaller crafting objects.

This one is for sale.

Picture I took of the sunflowers in my dining room. They make me happy.

Pictures I took of the beautiful tulips in my kitchen.

More of my crafty items to come...

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