Thursday, March 11, 2010


for the front door-
i'm leaning towards the orange,
instead of the green.
think it will make a nice statement
against the neutral color of the house.
then i just have to put up
the contemporary metal #'s,
add a new colorful doormat &
a couple modern pots out front
with contrasting colored flowers.
excited for the transformation,
a little bit of color just in time for spring.

for the bedroom-
think i'm going with the color
on the largest paint chip to the left.
love the bluish grey, feels like
a stormy day by the ocean.

for the bathroom-
these colors didn't show up well in this pic.
going with the color to the left i think.
it's a nice compliment to my new painting
& against the gold mirror
& black/white pics.

...on new paint colors for the house.
I taped them to my walls so i could
live with them for a week & make my decision.
now all i have to do is buy the paint
& get to work. it's going to be a busy weekend,
but can't wait for the change.
Will post the after pics soon...

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