Tuesday, July 3, 2012

37 weeks...

...and counting. i'm not a summer person to begin with, so being pregnant in this weather is making the heat more unbearable. what i do have to look forward to is the fact that our little maebri will be here soon. so it's all worth it. she's healthy & very active so now it's basically just a waiting game. she's measuring at 38 weeks, so maybe she'll come a little earlier than planned. either way everything is ready for her, bags are packed, carseats installed, jeff & i are so excited. received one last outfit from the amazing zulily & rescued mr. rowdy from the sherman shelter this weekend, thank goodness because they gas them there :( sadly, due to irresponsible pet ownership, he is one of three of ours that is hw positive, so i have to work on fundraising for his treatment. at least he is comfortable in a nice foster home, makes it all worth it. so cheers to saving adorable heeler lives, enjoying the quiet & air conditioning for another few weeks & looking forward to the future.

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