Monday, July 9, 2012

A few things...

we did this weekend. I added the handmade 'm' to maebri's door with a velcro backing so it could be removed easily. my mom made it for the shower out of the fabric she used for the crib skirt, adds a nice final touch to her special space. the boys & i went to mom's to go swimming, they love it so much. my 38 week pic which makes it very evident maebri needs to make her arrival soon, she's running out of room lol. sunday we moved boats down to the trade center for jeff's boat show this weekend, we are hoping ms. m doesn't show up this weekend while he is there, but i guess it will happen when it happens. we made a nice little bed for the boys in the backseat of the truck, they love being with us, are so well behaved & ride well in the car. i know maebri will be a good little girl just like her brothers, who has a go with the flow personality like jeff & i. finally, spotted this cute little bench, would love to make something like this eventually for the living room. i know it might not happen for awhile, but colorful inspiration for the future. it was a nice weekend & it's going to get even better very soon :)

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