Monday, November 26, 2012

4 months old...

...& growing. you are such a good girl & getting so big. you weighed 16lbs, 7 oz at your checkup. you have a lot to say lately, smile & laugh a lot & are still sleeping like a champ. no teeth yet, but your hands are always in your mouth so you drool a lot. you grab for everything, are starting to roll over & push up on your tummy to look around at everything. you love your walker that makes noise & smacking on the keys is one of your favorite things. you went on your first roadtrip to abilene for thanksgiving & you did awesome! slept the whole way, both ways, except for the last 30 minutes but you just sucked on your hands & talked to yourself. you also slept in your pack n play both nights without a problem. Grandpa came to visit, he made you laugh with his funny voices. Uncle Steve came by to visit & you spit up on his head, haha. We did your Christmas photo shoot, celebrated my birthday, dressed up for Halloween & went on walks with the puppies. You are such a good girl, ,we love you.

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