Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a few...

...of my favorite things. i wanted to document a few of the things that you really used or that were helpful for us while you were a baby. so the above things we have loved thus far & i know there will be so many more to come. can't tell you how much we love everything aden + anais, we go through a stack of their burp cloths everyday & they double as bibs which is nice. their organic bamboo swaddle blankets have been our favorite for you, they were light enough in the summer & are beyond soft for your skin. we also use their towels/wash cloths at bath time, which is your favorite time, you love the water. every time we put you in your carseat you look forward to seeing your 'buggies' that hang above your head, they make you smile & giggle. i think you like their colors, big eyes & the chime noise they make. the fisher price soft piano is great, you can kick it (since you're moving your legs & arms a lot now) or touch it with your hands & it lights up & plays songs for you, great learning tool. dr. brown's bottles are wonderful, you had no problems adjusting to them once i started pumping, they help with gas & you like their pacifiers too. you've started grabbing them, taking them out of your mouth & putting them back in now, so cute. the baby bjorn bouncy seat is a little pricey, but is so simple & functional, you can adjust with bounce with your movements & it will grow with you. the snug a bunny rocking bassinet has been wonderful, that's where you usually take your naps. we leave it out in the living room because you nap better with noise, but you love your crib at night & have been sleeping 10 hrs., we are so thankful you are a good sleeper. the modern mobile was one of the best purchases ever, you LOVE it more than anything. you could lay on your changing table while your dad spins it for hours watching the bright colors & shapes move. the first time you laughed you were laying underneath it :) we are now using the snug seat & you feel so proud when you sit in it because it helps you sit up all by yourself. we put toys on the tray in front of you & you reach for them & look around the room. this will also grow with you as we can remove the inner color portion to make it larger. nature baby's organic booties were my all time favorite for you! i put them on you all the time because they adjust with your foot & are lightweight. tea & little peanut were my two favorite brands of clothing for you. the material is soft & the clothing has pretty prints in neutrals. your skip hop playmat has helped you strenghten your neck & muscles reaching for the toys above you & it's so cute! i ended up using this very inexpensive carrier for you that i found at tjmaxx, but you really enjoy riding in it...we also use our fabric wrap. you like being close to me, looking around & going for walks outside, it's a good workout for me too :) the city mini stroller is a wonderful stroller, so smooth when we push it, not bulky & super simple to fold up & put in the car. you aren't playing with many toys yet, but so far you like your soft jelly cat stuffed animals, rattles, anything you can put in your mouth (mostly your hands) & the baby beethoven sound/light toy. we used your nap nanny a lot in the first couple months for your naps & some wake time to help you sit up. last but not least, the amazing sleep sack. your dad likes to keep the house cold, so besides the zip up pj's, the sleep sack has been a wonderful item to keep you nice & cozy at night & to help you distinguish your naps from bedtime. i know there are a few more things but these were the most used items i could think of. you continue to amaze us as you grow & learn, love you so much!

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