Sunday, January 20, 2013


...was wonderful & you are 6 months old! Happy half birthday! Went shopping with Mimi & Grammy prindy & we found a highchair for you. Wasn't my first choice, but is very convenient as the tray swings open, cushion is machine washable & it folds flat when not in use. You came with me on two dog adoptions in uptown, it was beautiful chilled in you carrier & laughed at the puppies, you love puppies & they love you! then we went to my favorite toy store, froggies, where you picked out a toy : ) we met Mimi for lunch at snider plaza & went home & played. You had such a busy day you slept for 14 hours! Today we took a long hike with the puppies, you adore being outdoors & walking around in nature, makes me so happy because I love it too : ) we had music time today, you really like music & making noises. & ended the day making you homeade applesauce & sweet potatoes. Love my sweet girl : )

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