Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All that food... so yummy to you! Everything you have tried so far you have loved : ) we waited until you were 5 1/2 months to start, no need to rush into it, wanted to wait until you were showing signs of wanting to eat. I decided to forego the rice cereal that everyone else seems to give their babies & jump straight into fruits & veggies. I couldn't understand why people give rice first when it really doesn't have any nutritional value, besides being fortified with iron. I don't even feed my dogs filler, why would I feed you filler? You are a healthy girl & sleep 12-13 hrs a night. I decided, being a health nut vegetarian myself, that I would much rather you start off eating something full of vitamins & nutrients. So, I decided on avocado, the 'perfect food', as your first. Easy to prepare, good for you & a food I couldn't get enough of when I was pregnant with you so I figured you would like it & did! It was a hit & so were the sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash & green beans. I am buying only fresh organic foods for you & making them all myself. not sure why more people dont, its so simple & i love knowing that you are getting the freshest possible meals. all it takes is baking, boiling or steaming, puree, freeze the leftover & voila you have your meals for the next week : ) My healthy, happy little girl, you are such a blessing & bring us so much joy!

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