Monday, February 18, 2013

7 months old... You are such a special little girl & we love you very much! I hear a lot of my friends with kids say, 'I wish they were younger or older' or 'this is such a tough age can't wait until this is over' & it just makes me sad for them, because I love you just the way you are & in this very moment, would never change a thing. You have been doing so much this month & are moving around like a little wiggle worm, it's awesome. You roll over all the time, are working on crawling & pulling up on things, so strong. You also take turns with me 'singing' it's so cute. I sing, then say your turn maebri & you do a little lawawa : ) things are so funny to you & we laugh a lot together. You like to play in the grass, pet the puppies, touch new textures, feed yourself with the spoon, stay calm, quiet & observe in new situations, play with your toys, especially the musical ones, give us kisses & so much more. I add blankets & your toys to the laundry basket & pull you around, you really like it. We go for hikes & I mostly carry you in your carrier & occasionally your stroller. I truly believe in 'wearing your baby' it is so important because you get to be next to me, it relaxes you & you have the freedom to move around, instead of just plopping you in the stroller all the time. You went with me to our heeler meet up, it was a beautiful day & you loved seeing all the spotty puppies. You haven't gotten any teeth yet, but are already mimicking me & brushing your gums with your tiny toothbrush while I brush mine, it's good practice. you still love your food & i love making it for you. We are going to grow our own in the garden again this year, cant wait. you nap & sleep like a champ & we love you for that, just like me you need your sleep. You fill us with joy : )

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