Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A few of our favorite items...

...recently. wanted to make sure i documented things that you enjoy & use a lot over time. it's fun to see how you grow & transform, you are a smart little cookie. you just learned 'high five' last night & really got a kick out of yourself, goofy girl. xo

 you absolutely love puzzles, right now the melissa & doug knob animal ones are great

any raffi cd is good, especially this one & 'quiet time'. they are a little twist to the norm & tolerable as they sound kind of bluesy/jazzy
 baby einstein's 'music on the go' is very handy. different lights & tunes help keep you content on road trips & it's easy to hold on to

munchkin mozart music cube is genious. lights up & plays the individual instruments & you can add & take away instruments playing as you please. also, the corners are soft so you can chew on it if you want, so great.

jelly cat books are adorable & have fun little tails for each animal that you like to touch & feel the different textures

vtech book is very interactive, keeps your attention well

monday the bullfrog book is so cute, you love his eyes & the bugs in his mouth for each day of the week 

the chicco walker is by far your favorite item. you feel very proud & independent when you walk around the house. you chase the puppies around in it too, so funny. & you know how to back up & turn yourself to go around corners

when you do watch tv, we put in this sesame street dvd or dora & you love it. you bounce in your bouncer & play with the toy bar while you watch intently

i wanted you to have some little musical instruments to play with & make noise on your own. these guys are great, the fit right in your hand, fine to chew on & make all different sounds, you really like the bells

i got this mirror to go with your play mat & now that you are sitting up you like to pick it up & look at yourself in it. makes you smile

now that teethers are important, these sprout ones seem to be your fav. they fit easily in your hand & have different textures that seem to make your gums feel better

this seems to be the blankie you love the most, taggie or 'b'. you are big on constantly touching things & like different textures. these are soft, you like to put it next to or over your face (you are great at peek-a-boo) & chew on the tags.

we just got you the recaro convertible car seat for your next seat. it is great, solid construction & a lot more comfortable than your chicco car seat. you are getting to be such a big girl

i like oxo anything & their bowls, snack cups, etc are all simple & functional. bright colors are fun too

we still use the aden & anais 'bips' (my favorite) but this cute bib from skip hop is too cute, covers a good amount of space, washes up nicely & rolls into a nifty little pouch. you chew on it while you eat, so funny

i picked up a lesportsac travel bag like the one above for our trip coming up. an all in one baby bag is so important & i love how their bags have a lot of zippers & handy little compartments. will make all of your stuff easy to access for our upcoming travels

lastly, you absolutely love bathtime & these squishy toys are your fav. you stick them in your mouth, splash them in the bath & hold them under the water. & makes it easy to work on your abc's & 123's

babyganics products are my fav for sure. we use most of their products to keep all of your stuff clean & santized in a gentle, organic way

born free bottles are so great, you like your cup too

i know there are more items we use on a daily basis, but these seem to stand out the most!

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