Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My sweet pea...

...is 8 months old! It's so amazing to see your transformation every month & how much more active & aware of your surroundings you become. We are so thankful for you each & every day. You are really working on crawling & pulling up right now, I give it a couple weeks until you really start moving around, but you have the rock & roll down. You love having me tickle your arms & hands now before you go to sleep, such a sweet thing. Your favorite food right now is blueberries & yogurt, as well as zucchini. Every morning when you wake up you are so happy & like me to help you sit up so you can pull yourself up. You love puzzles, books & musical instruments right now. You splash in the bath & love your foam letters. When we go for walks you reach your hand out of the stroller to grab the puppies leashes, they always make you laugh. They like to lay their heads in your lap so you can pet them & you understand the word gentle. You laugh at silly things like when you eat cottage cheese, Angelo chases shadows & when we give you your stuffed animals to hug & kiss. You are so loved & the happiest little girl I know xo

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