Sunday, June 23, 2013

11 months old...

...& you are a little explorer! You are so curious about everything around you, want to do things yourself, mimic what we do & are climbing up a storm. You climbed up to the top of Mimi's stairs & were so proud of yourself. You give hugs & kisses, are playing so well by yourself, are dancing & bouncing around when you get happy or when the music comes on. You know how to make some animal a kitty, dog & cow. You absolutely love the pool & swimming around, are getting ready to get your top teeth & have the best laugh I've ever heard. It was dad's birthday week, we had lots of fun & you had your first sleep over away from us since you've been was extremely difficult for me, we had a hard time leaving each other, but you did so well, so proud of you & was so excited to see you this morning! I look forward to every day with you, each moment is such a blessing. Xo

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