Sunday, June 9, 2013


...has been a fun month so far, one more month & you will be one, I can't believe it!  We've gone swimming a few times & you really love it, the water makes you so happy & you don't like getting out. You are babbling up a storm, putting your hand up to your mouth & saying wawawa like a little indian, so cute. You are doing awesome using your walker & pushing it around the house. We found the cutest one at ikea, simple wooden construction, so much better than the plastic ones. You are so proud of yourself & so ready to walk. You had your one year photo shoot at arbor hills & did so well, the photographer was great, she does simple/natural pics & focuses on the light, cant wait to see them! You have been eating vegetables from our garden which is so cool, zucchini, squash & tomatoes, yum. you also like drinking water out of a cup like a big girl. You like riding around in your baby sling when you're not playing or cruising around & finger painting makes you happy. mimi was so nice & watched you last night so we could go out, was such a nice time with your dad & good friends. You are so unbelievably sweet & we love all the moments we spend with you, your smile & giggle warm our hearts.  Xo

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