Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects...

I was able to make it to one of my favorite antique stores yesterday,
I found some great old books and a few vintage blocks. When I get the chance,
I love wandering around antiques stores because it feels like a big treasure hunt.
Below are a few of my finds & the beginnings of a couple new projects...

New collection of vintage books

Drummer Hoff, 1967 (beautiful color)

One Fine Day, 1971 (adore the trees on both sides)

The Diary of Terwilliger Jellico, 1935 (such a funny title)

A Fly Went By, 1958 (for one of my friend's baby room)
I will post a picture of the finished product later.

Beginning of a new baby banner

My sister left me a little note before she had to go back home.
Love you too Spanks!

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