Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In a different light...

 chillin with mom

 sleeping on dad
first day home from the hospital

...the rooms in the house are looking great & have taken on a different life. since m arrived, i spent a lot more time in the house with her before heading back to work last week. it's really our cozy sanctuary & i love what it's become. looking back on the journey thus far...i was going through a difficult time & had to move out of where i was living. with the help of my mom, we were able to find the little place & i loved it's location to the walking trails, water & park. i decided it was going to be my house, was overwhelmed with the idea of it, but so proud of myself for buying my first home all on my own. had the floors redone, then moved all of my furniture & animals in right before thanksgiving. it was a hard at times, but i kept a positive attitude about it all, started enoying my independence, put up my christmas decorations & got in the holiday spirit. with the house i started one room at a time...taking down wallpaper, painting, decorating, etc. with myself...i was working on me one step at a time, going out, meeting new people, enjoying new experiences. with house & life were transforming & i was heading down a much happier path. i met jeff, we dated, fell in love, he moved in & we got pregnant. not only was he adding so much happiness to my life, but he was also helping me so much with my list of home improvements.  now that maebri has come into our lives & the home improvements have tapered off, it feels like my life & home are complete...little did i know a few years ago that finding this house would be the beginning of a wonderful life & a path that has led me to where i was meant to be. it started out as 'my home' , but now it's 'our family home' & i will always cherish this place forever & ever.

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amber said...

Great post!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!