Monday, October 22, 2012

Little M...

 are 3 months old but wearing 6 month clothes! you are the love of our lives & are such a sweet & happy girl. you are a good sleeper (your sleep sak makes you feel extra cozy at night), love to play, giggle, smile & be a part of everything when you are awake. you love to eat & wave your hands around you get so excited. you watch us intently when we're not holding you, love the mobile above your changing table, enjoy walks in your carrier & stroller, adore the buggies hanging on your carseat & want your hands in your mouth all the time. we did a photo shoot with your uncle steve yesterday & he took some really great pics of you for our christmas card. you were such a patient little girl & put up with all the commotion & outfit changes. your auntie spanky was also in town last week to visit you. she spent a lot of time taking care of you & even got to give you a bath, you love your baths by the way. i caught mimi & auntie singing 'somewhere over the rainbow' to you on video, it was a priceless moment. you also watched a little football with dad & dressed the part. you are moving your arms & legs around a lot & grabbing onto anything we give you. you are such a joy & we are so thankful you are in our lives!

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